# 3

05h17 PM

Third part of our Let's Play on Days Gone,
the new Survival Horror Game.

Right after 'Securing' a dangerous area (aka killing every bad guy), it is time to find Leon's Drug stash which is hidden in the Old Cemetery.
At night time (of course), we decide to look for the Weeping Angel statue in a maze filled of graves and freakers..

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# 2

02h27 PM

Second part of our Let's Play on Days Gone,
the new Survival Horror Game.

Boozer's arm just got burned by Rippers so we need to heal him fast. Luckily, we know where to find some medicine. They're located at the nearest NERO checkpoint.
Unfortunately, it's not the only thing we'll find there because the place is full of Freakers !

Where are the Sterile Bandages ? *Alarm activated*
Where the HELL are the Speakers ? *Runs to Bike*
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UPD 05/08/2019 (02h41 PM)

08h41 PM

It's UNBOXING Time for the Special Edition of Days Gone !

Days Gone is a Horror Survival game exclusive to PlayStation.
Its Special Edition contains the Art Book, the Steelbook Case and the Official Soundtrack and is exclusive to Europe.

You'll also get In-Game Bonuses (upgrades, early unlocks), 3 drifter Bike Skins, the 'Monkey Wrench' Skill plus the 'Deacon VS the Horde' Dynamic Theme.

Are you excited about this new freaky apocalyptic-biker-style adventure ?
I will also do a Let's Play on this game very soon so stay tuned !
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UPD 05/04/2019 (04h29 PM)

01h44 PM

I went to Brussels Comic Con 2019 and I gathered all the Best Cosplays in a single video for you!

From Marvel with the Avengers and Deadpool (watch baby Hulk running !) to DC with Jokers and Harley Quinns as crazy as usual.

From Harry Potter with Voldemort and Grindelwald casting unforgivable curses to Star Wars with a very personal interpretation of C-3PO, you'll definitely have fun watching their Catwalk.

There's even a Horror category if you dare (plus some funny surprises)..
Here's a Compilation of the Greatest Cosplayers from this event in Belgium !
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UPD 04/05/2019 (02h10 PM)

# 6

05h39 PM

6th part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.

After weeks.. No, I mean months.. No, I mean YEARS of waiting. We finally have it and trust me, it was worth the wait..

Right after the Tempest Play, a new Love story begins but a Terrible Truth will prevent us from escaping Arcadia Bay once again.

A plot twist as ambitious as the greatest American series around is about to POP so fasten your seatbelt, we're going on an emotional trip !
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UPD 05/21/2019 (05h49 PM)

# 1

02h53 PM

First part of our Let's Play on Days Gone,
the new Survival Horror Game.

'You wanted a Freakshow ? Place is crawling.'
We'll Play an anrgy Biker called Deacon, riding through the broken road where almost anything wants you dead. If it's not the others gangs, it's the wolves and if it's not the wolves, it's obviously the Freakers (Zombies)..
In this episode, we'll say goodbye to our beloved Sarah then we'll chase ******* Leon (with many many fails) and we'll RUN LIKE HELL from the Freakers because obviously, we're not ready at all !
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UPD 05/04/2019 (03h00 PM)

01h20 PM

It's Show Time !
Special Episode of Life is Strange - Before The Storm (between Let's Play #5 & #6).

At the last second, one of the Actresses is missing !
Rachel will of course suggest to replace her with Chloe, who, under the charms of her most beloved, will eventually accept..
She is gonna make her first steps on Stage and obviously, Nothing's gonna go as planned..

The Tempest has finally arrived !
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UPD 04/08/2019 (01h29 PM)

08h39 PM

Interview of Michelle Gomez who plays Missy in the British TV Series Doctor Who.
She also plays Madame Satan in the American Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, shot during the Brussels Comic Con 2019.

What Personal Touch did she give to the Master ?
How was her First Day into that Universe ?
Why is she ALWAYS playing Evil Characters ?
Does she have an Anecdote about her Kissing Scene with the Doctor ?
Find out by watching our Interview !
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UPD 04/01/2019 (07h08 PM)