08h55 PM

François and myself will try out a Scary Video Game in our own style for your great pleasure..
We'll play The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic game where you have to survive with few resources in a world full of Zombies (more on this Game).

Follow our fun GamePlay in which my friend François will adopt different strategies, only by blindly listening to my precious and life-saving advice (Can you feel the Sarcasm ?).
There will be Fear and Violence.. But also lots of Shocking Jokes and uncontrollable Giggles !
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UPD 02/11/2019 (09h06 PM)

# 2

05h55 PM

Second part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.
Back from our big party last night, our mom is quite angry since we came back past curfew and she wants us to be friendly with our stepdad, which is far from easy to do.
On top of that, to our greatest delight, We'll return to Blackwell Academy..

We gonna deal with family issues this time and memories from the past #PleaseDontCry
Get on the Feel Train !
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UPD 02/05/2019 (03h23 PM)

05h54 PM

2033, Earth is nothing of what it looked like, we are in a post-apocalyptic era where blood, fear and shadows rule the world. Hope gives way to Violence and Living means Surviving. Nature has taken back its rights and the human species is not the predominant race on the Planet anymore. 20 years ago from there on, a parasitic fungus called Cordyceps touched humanity. As a parasite, it slowly takes control of the host by growing inside their brain imposing 4 mutation stages and progressively transforms the infected into primitive, slaughter-seeking wild beasts. It was quickly spread through infectious spores and bites and there is no treatment known so far. In this reality, « Survival of the fittest » is the golden motto. 2 Powers distinguished themselves : FEDRA, an antagonistic group that set up several Quarantine Zones controlled by the Military providing some rare food rations and the Rebels who chose to live on their own. Among them, there are the ones called the Hunters who created their own community with their laws, imposing their territory in the ruins of the past civilization, killing every tourist trespassing and there are the Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group that promises a brighter future for mankind. Personifying the last glimmer of hope, they are the only ones searching for a cure as said by their words : « When you are lost in the Darkness, look for the Light. Believe in the Fireflies ».
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02h18 PM

It's Role Play Time !
Special Episode of Life is Strange - Before The Storm (between Let's Play #2 & #3).
We'll play an Elf Barbarian called Barb, accompanied in her Quest accompanied by a Selfish Wizard, savagely roasting elderly dragonkins with funny jokes (Sorry Not Sorry).

Will we overcome Chloe's lack of self-control ? Or even the arrogance of our Wizard friend ?
Will we defeat Duurgaron the Unscarred, WarLord of the Raiders of the Black Well (aka our Final Boss) ?
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UPD 02/11/2019 (03h37 PM)

# 1

05h50 PM

First part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.
This time, we will play as Chloe Price and not as Max Caulfield anymore because Before The Storm happens BEFORE (logical..) Max moves back to Arcadia Bay.

In this episode, We'll do our best to get past a Bouncer to get access to a lit party where we'll drink in moderation (+ other legal things #NotSuspicious) and we'll try to make some new friends along the way (probably not).
We are going to PARTY HARD !
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09h31 PM

In the world of words and senses, there exist two sorts of definition. The first one, the accepted and spread one, concerns the universal glory. This one creates the legends in which the heroes stand out by marking History. However behind every description of a defined one is also hiding its contrary : so who says heroes, also says antiheroes. These men that we use as a model as well by wanting to look like them as by wanting to differentiate from them are our inspirations. Among them often there are men of science, men of religion, men of art, men who preside and men who dictate but always there will be men of revolution for to forever exist, you must break the traditions of your time. The followers are only retained for their number whereas the fringe elements are remembered for their name. The ones that act like the others will be forgotten for only difference survives. The universal glory therefore makes the ones it touches immortal by their ideas breaking the codes. The dictates being this way replaced after each mark by more brilliant ones, we endlessly make the world migrate towards unreachable perfection. So it is an infinite source of revolts brought to repeat themselves perpetually under every undefined forms.
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