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2033, Earth is nothing of what it looked like, we are in a post-apocalyptic era where blood, fear and shadows rule the world. Hope gives way to Violence and Living means Surviving. Nature has taken back its rights and the human species is not the predominant race on the Planet anymore. 20 years ago from there on, a parasitic fungus called Cordyceps touched humanity. As a parasite, it slowly takes control of the host by growing inside their brain imposing 4 mutation stages and progressively transforms the infected into primitive, slaughter-seeking wild beasts. It was quickly spread through infectious spores and bites and there is no treatment known so far. In this reality, « Survival of the fittest » is the golden motto. 2 Powers distinguished themselves : FEDRA, an antagonistic group that set up several Quarantine Zones controlled by the Military providing some rare food rations and the Rebels who chose to live on their own. Among them, there are the ones called the Hunters who created their own community with their laws, imposing their territory in the ruins of the past civilization, killing every tourist trespassing and there are the Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group that promises a brighter future for mankind. Personifying the last glimmer of hope, they are the only ones searching for a cure as said by their words : « When you are lost in the Darkness, look for the Light. Believe in the Fireflies ».
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She was a woman, he was a man. They were sad. Tortured by their realities, their past point in common was suffering in silence. He liked the beautiful things, she liked the beautiful stories. Locked in her dungeon, from her closed window, the young damsel was watching out for her cavalier savior. She was not the only one to be held against her will inside the nightmarish castle. The wizard was also holding her many sisters. Against the dragon, they were defenseless. His breath was leaving them breathless, his hugeness was making them feel like ants and his fire was freezing them out. At the mercy of the beast, they could only endure and for each inevitable inconvenience, he took a malicious pleasure in transferring his infinite hate on his bewitched prisoners, marking them forever by his sharpened claws to remind them until their death that they were his. Yet they tried on a number of occasions to escape from his insatiable claw but with his gigantic tail, the reptile brought them back every time, making them all pay for the jailbreak of each one. Fear locking up their calls for help, no bottle could touch the waves of the desert island. Lost in the labyrinth of their childhood, they were running only to be hurt by the walls hiding the sky but the minotaur knew by heart every nook and cranny of it. Even if, behind the clouds, their mother had endured their afflictions at first, the giant had rapidly decided to print also on their bodies his territory. The castle looking so marvelous in appearance belonged to him and anyone having been fooled by the illusion by lodging there for a single night became his servant forever. The woman, in the hope of finding the prince charming, had kissed the toad only to wake up from it the dragon, condemning her future children.
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In the world of words and senses, there exist two sorts of definition. The first one, the accepted and spread one, concerns the universal glory. This one creates the legends in which the heroes stand out by marking History. However behind every description of a defined one is also hiding its contrary : so who says heroes, also says antiheroes. These men that we use as a model as well by wanting to look like them as by wanting to differentiate from them are our inspirations. Among them often there are men of science, men of religion, men of art, men who preside and men who dictate but always there will be men of revolution for to forever exist, you must break the traditions of your time. The followers are only retained for their number whereas the fringe elements are remembered for their name. The ones that act like the others will be forgotten for only difference survives. The universal glory therefore makes the ones it touches immortal by their ideas breaking the codes. The dictates being this way replaced after each mark by more brilliant ones, we endlessly make the world migrate towards unreachable perfection. So it is an infinite source of revolts brought to repeat themselves perpetually under every undefined forms.
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Once upon a time in a dark and artificial era, there was a child with a present heart. Oceus Brante was a fifteen-year-old young boy lost in a way too connected century, a century confusing real and virtual where digital information was queen, where WebSocializing was vital and where private life was a myth. Every piece of information had to be accessible to exist, every veiled piece of data was victim of mockery or casted doubt. It was the social networks zenith. Forgotten the past rivalries, dating sites and online communities had merged to build the HalfLife empire reconstituting the representative notions of the real life by lines of code. How had the world been convinced ? The argument was simple, what you could not really do, you could do it virtually : « Become what you can’t be ». Why make the effort to train yourself regularly when you can be a world champion in a few clicks ? Why make the effort to date when you can swipe the candidates ? Buying a dream is way easier than reaching it. Reality was not enough anymore, cables were replacing bonds and databases were replacing memories.
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