05h14 PM

Interview of Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter, shot during the Brussels Comic Con 2019.

What's her favorite scene ? Now that she has become a Movie Director, does she prefer to be in front or behind the Camera ?
What's her Go To Comfort Food ? Would she prefer a romance with Luna Lovegood or Draco malfoy in a different storyline ?
Find out by watching our Interview !
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UPD 03/17/2019 (08h22 PM)

12h36 AM

We play Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale with Zoryck (aka Raphael) !
He will try his best to guide me towards a Top1 full of giggles since I am a pure noob at this game.. Loads of epic kills (almost) and embarrassing moments to come.
Will the Expert make a Kill Leader out of me ? Or am I a desperate case ?

Apex Legends is a Shooting style Battle Royale. The goal is to survive by squads of 3 in a map that keeps shrinking itself in several areas.
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UPD 02/25/2019 (12h57 AM)

08h55 PM

François and myself will try out a Scary Video Game in our own style for your great pleasure..
We'll play The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic game where you have to survive with few resources in a world full of Zombies (more on this Game).

Follow our fun GamePlay in which my friend François will adopt different strategies, only by blindly listening to my precious and life-saving advice (Can you feel the Sarcasm ?).
There will be Fear and Violence.. But also lots of Shocking Jokes and uncontrollable Giggles !
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UPD 02/11/2019 (09h06 PM)

# 4

01h08 PM

4th part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.

We are in the dead of night after our recent breakdown with Rachel. Chloe will have strange visions again to warn her from a great Danger yet to come.
At the same moment, a WildFire is coming and we are about to get Burned or worse.. EXPELLED !
Let's leave the World behind and go on a new Adventure with our Smoking Hot Rachel Amber..
This Girl is literally on Fire !
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UPD 03/08/2019 (01h12 PM)

# 3

08h24 PM

Third part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.

We'll have a Clash with a tall dude to protect our most beloved Nathan Prescott (sarcasm intensifies) then Rachel Amber will take us on an Adventure from the drama classroom to an improvised Train journey !
Be prepared to get a lot of mixed feelings from Anger to Love and from Love to Anger back again because after some arguments, we might end up SMASHING !

PS: Sorry Mom, I'm late again for school..
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UPD 02/20/2019 (08h30 PM)

02h18 PM

It's Role Play Time !
Special Episode of Life is Strange - Before The Storm (between Let's Play #2 & #3).
We'll play an Elf Barbarian called Barb, accompanied in her Quest accompanied by a Selfish Wizard, savagely roasting elderly dragonkins with funny jokes (Sorry Not Sorry).

Will we overcome Chloe's lack of self-control ? Or even the arrogance of our Wizard friend ?
Will we defeat Duurgaron the Unscarred, WarLord of the Raiders of the Black Well (aka our Final Boss) ?
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UPD 02/20/2019 (08h33 PM)