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Some of our creations are inspired by other franchises.
According to the Fair Use doctrine, if we do not own the permission from the copyright owners, we always list the sources of the actual media franchises owners and we always clarify that it is a reusing of copyright-protected material belonging to their right owners.
If we have their permission, we are then allowed to use them in a commercial use but otherwise, we always explain that it is a nonprofit purpose.

This website is property of the Lander Production and is protected by Copyright, all rights reserved.
This means media stealing and media copying (video content, pictures, texts, ideas) are illegal and punishable.
Anyone infringing this rule is subjecting oneself to a legal challenge.

The Lander Production’s Headquarters is situated in Belgium, country belonging to the European Union and therefore benefits from the protection concerning intellectual property introduced by the diplomatic treaty of the “Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works” [1] (matrix of the contractual right, signed in Brussels in 1948) administered by the “World Intellectual Property Organization” (WIPO, December 1996).
Incorporating the rights of the intellectual property into the WTO (World Trade Organization), the “Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights” (TRIPS, December 1994) is also ratified by Belgium.

The « Droit d’auteur » (European Copyright) being a set of exclusive prerogatives that a creator owns on his work of original spirit, it confers patrimonial rights concerning obtaining income by its exploiting by means of reproduction and communication of the creation (reproduction right, communication to the public right, loan and renting right, distribution right, multimedia artists’ sequel right), pay of the authors rights and moral rights concerning the work-creator link allowing to protect the author’s personality (disclosure right, paternity right, integrity of work right).

This recognition must be respected : in the event of “Droit d’auteur” violation, the law will impose criminal sanctions either through compensations (fines sentences) or through jail sentences to the offender by means of the commercial court.

According to article 2.1 of the convention [1], are considered as intellectual property all productions of the literary, scientific and artistic field, regardless of the mode or form of expression. Therefore, the “droit d’auteur” covers every creation of the mind (literary, artistic, musical and audiovisual work) being the expression of the author’s personality, original and materialized.

According to the “droit d’auteur” Belgian law, a work is protected throughout the author’s lifetime and for a period of 70 years after his death.

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Author’s Remuneration
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