What is Lander Production ?

WhaT tHe FudGe ?
Lander Production is essentialy a project I created many years ago as an amateur with Friends.
Today, it has slowly transformed into a Media Network by mainly offering Videos about Video Games.

Since it is a mirror of my tastes, these videos will focus on Video Games about Emotion (The Last of Us, Life is Strange), about FunnyCrazyFrenzySh*t (videos with friends) and about more Competitive Games (League of Legends, HearthStone) on YouTube most of the time but also live on Twitch.
I do enjoy Writing so I will also post Fantastic/Philosophical Stories
and Articles such as GamePlays and Walkthroughs.

To make a long story short, Lander Production's Style is about Approaching Video Games
in a different Light
, towards a more Artistic way but without forgetting to Have Fun.
To reach more people, my content will mostly be in English (with some exceptions in French) but I'll do my best to translate from one to another.


Video Games
Everything related to Video Games in general like videos shot with my Friends or Shorter Games aside from Let's Plays.
This will include more Competitve Games and Lives plus everything quite Diverse (minimalistic games etc)
Let's Play
This will be about groups of videos gathering around a same Video Game that will enable you to follow my whole GamePlay throughout the Story.
Mostly centralized on Emotional Video Games, you'll be by my side during my Hardest Choices.
Creations will gather Original Ideas, a little against standards, mostly in videos like Songs, Funny clips or Drawings.

A lot of my stories will occur in Fantasia, an Imaginery World where different Destinies will cross through time and space
(past, present, future).
Heroic Adventures with a Philosophical Angle that will lead to rather Dark Utopias.
The Action will take place in a Magical Universe where there is Fantasy
mistaking Reality for Illusion.
My Articles will often talk about My point of view on certain subjects (like stories but in a more concrete way) but this will include many Guides, GamePlays, Walkthroughs and Tutorials.
It's a rather Diverse topic.

Who am I ?

My name is Lander, Internet is my culture.
I have learnt many fields by myself such as Coding, Video Editing and Drawing.
I am a big fan of Memes and Series (#9GAG, #canteven #DoUnoDaWae, yesn't).
I would like to get myself noticed in the YouTube and the Twitch Game.

I Love Games that tell Great Stories.
To me, some video games have scenarios close to MasterPieces.
Most people underestimate them and judge them childish, that is why I have a kind of Personal Battle to give them the Credit they Deserve for in my opinion, they represent the Future.
You can reach me in most social networks under my Nickname : Maklaye.

Social Networks
Don't hesitate to support my work by Sharing as much as you can !

Contact Me
If you wish to Contact the Lander Production for Future Collaboratons (ideas, partnerships),
Please send an Email to :