What is Lander Production ?

Who are we ?
We are an Organization that deals with Art in its various fields and broader Visual Content (Media Transformation). It is autonomously managed by Lander who created the Lander Production originally in 2008 and this project was taken up again professionally in 2014.
Our Artistic Fields are most notably Writing, Drawing, Video Editing, PhotoMontage, Music Composing and Sequences Touching Up. Our principal subjects concern Fictional and Philosophical Narratives (tales, stories), Reports (commentaries), Multimedia (Looks on Movies, etc) and Technology (softwares, video games, high-tec equipment). Those subjects are gathered in several Categories.


Imaginary World that link the Destinies of several characters across Time (past, present, future).
The Action takes place in a Magical Universe in which Fantasy is present confusing Illusion with Reality.
Vast Fictional Stories not belonging to the Fantasia World (being some times inspired by outside realisations) that represent moralizing-purposed Invented Narratives.
Chronicles of the Future
Futuristic Satire leaded by the History Professor Fovea Serpentarius who deals with our Society (customs, working, judgments) during interactions with his Onlookers (students).
He teaches the vision of our past Reality against the one of their Future while learning philosophical and denunciative lessons.
Points of view about all kinds of subjects (external concepts) presenting a reflective framework most often in parallel with Philosophy.
Breaking-Time by Heart
Inventions and Commentaries combining an already-existing Media (films, video games, technology) with the Lander Production’s signature.
Reinterpretations, Reports, Opinions and Tests on external creations.


The Witch (PhotoMontage)

Who is Lander ?

Lander, the creator and only administrator of the Lander Production, is an autodidact, iconoclast and movie fan Artist wanting to break through by his Artistic Creations.
His Passions are Space, Cinema (film making, special effects), Art (writing, drawing, singing, melody) and Technology (design, programming, innovations).
He uses the Adobe Suite Softwares (Photoshop, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition) and masters several Programming Languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, AS, JS). He is a belgian citizen of Spanish origin and is very involved in the American and English Culture (trilingual).

Social Networks
We are a connected Organization, feel free to Encourage us by Sharing our Creations.

Contact Us
If you want to Contact the Lander Production for Future Projects (ideas proposals, partnerships),
you can reach us by sending an Email to :