Emma Watson Song

03h57 AM

Waiting for my Hogwarts letter,
Missing your long tongue twister words.
Emma Watson.
Emma Watson.
I just want to tell you that..
I would want no cure
If you accepted a world tour,
I would like to share a Rainy Kiss
Flying from London to Paris.

I would present you Lagerfeld
And I would buy you some Chanel.
I will paint you French mademoiselle,
Be my Renaissance Rebel.

But I am just a Wallflower
Adorning a lonely tower.
So please miss Lancôme, listen to me..

Emma Watson.
Emma Watson.

I would be so lucky
If we played some field hockey.
I would build you an ark
Just to avoid sharks.

I promise I won’t be mean
I will teach the mandolin.
You have never been wrong
But please, keep your hair long.

Won’t you accept my Love ?
Happiness is what we deserve..

Emma Watson.
Emma Watson.

Let me tell you that..
I would endlessly sing
To get you a wedding ring.
I would go back in time
To never lose your shine.

I would become all book Heroes
To defend my cause.
I would even start a war
To give you points for Gryffindor.

Emma Watson.
Emma Watson.

I would write you thousands of poems
To compose our love anthem.

Did you cast a spell on me ?
Because my vision is blurry.
Let me keep that harm,
Don’t cast the Oculus Reparo Charm.

Dear Know-it-all, don’t make it quick.
Stop with all your magic tricks.
I don’t want you to disappear,
Be more than a souvenir.

Teach me the love potion recipe..
Little Witch from my heart..

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