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Interview of Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter, shot during the Brussels Comic Con 2019.

What's her favorite scene ? Now that she has become a Movie Director, does she prefer to be in front or behind the Camera ?
What's her Go To Comfort Food ? Would she prefer a romance with Luna Lovegood or Draco malfoy in a different storyline ?
Find out by watching our Interview !

Did you Portray yourself as Ginny from the start ?
I was 9 years old when I auditioned.
I didn't have the patience to read books that were that long at that age.
It was actually my older brother who had got into the books a lot earlier than me. At that time, he had read the 3 first books. He was the one that really thought I was like Ginny and he was the one that suggested that I go for an audition.
When I then got the audition, I read up quickly of the first book and I was into it, I was hooked. Like everyone, I used to go and get the book on the first day it came out (speedread it etc).

Do you dress up ?
I don't dress up *giggles*
I think that might draw a little bit too much attention.

Happiest Memory from Harry Potter ?
I would say my happiest memories, what I always felt most graceful for being a part of was the Weasley family. With all the scenes that we had in the Weasley house at the Burrow's.. They were just always so much fun ! It always felt like an additional thing that I got to be a part of outside of the Hogwarts scenes. I loved all my brothers and I loved Julie Walters who played my mom. She was like my on-set mom, she really looked after me and took care of me so I missed those the most, for sure.

Luna or Draco Romance ?
What a plot twist !
I mean Luna would be cooler, right ? That would be a way cooler story line.

How were the Sets ?
We got to really experience the beauty of the sets that were built. They were so detailed, so elaborate and just so real that it was such a shame sometimes that we didn't get to see more of that world just by taking wrong turns down alleyways and corridors.
Even the props ! You turn a page of a book and it had all the details.
Things that would usually never get picked up on camera but that gave so much depth to the world and its layers.

Favorite Scene ?
I loved all the battle of hogwarts scenes.
Loads of characters came back for that battle, people that we had sort of said goodbye to in the earlier films kinda came back for this big showdown.
It had one of my favorite moments in it between me, Bellatrix and Miss Weasley when she stands off for me and gets Bellatrix, it's pretty good.

Which Villain would you be ?
Bellatrix, she's the coolest.

Did you have an Image of what Ginny was like ?
I guess I kinda had an image not only of myself but of everyone's characters.
I would often have to read it twice because the first time, the way you read it is super disjointed because you focus too hard on how the characters will deal with a particular situation (and not enough on the details).

In Front or Behind the Camera ?
Even though they very much inform one another, they are very different skill sets . I personally right now prefer to be behind the camera.
I know right now I am 'in front of the camera' talking to you all but actually my most safer space is behind the camera, I just love to collaborate.
as from a directing standpoint, you get to work across all the departments.
I definitely have that way of thinking quite largely and encompass all the things, so it suits me very well.

Do you like being Directed ?
Yeah I mean I think having been directed as an actor, you understand what's helpful and what's not helpful.
for me, I don't want to get nothing from the director, i don't wanna be a complete free rein but I also don't wanna be taught so much that I have so many directions in my head.

Favorite Genre ?
You know it's funny for most of the work that I have done has been about heavy drama, like character led not-much-events-or-action movies and this film, that will be my first feature film, is actually more of a thriller-monster movie.. It's been definitely fun !
It's weird cause I would say I watch a lot of sci-fi and thrillers. I love very apocalyptic (large scale), very dystopian outlook on things.
I guess I maybe never thought that I could do something of that scale.
It's still very much contained since it is a small town monster movie but I hope that will enable me to have my stepping stone into more sci-fi stuff.

Favorite Apocalypse ?
Interestingly, this film combines a lot of my passion in protecting the environment so most of my apocalyptic kinda visions / nightmares / interests in films are usually to do with climate related apocalypse (with end of the world reasons).
My monster essentially represents pollution but the real monster is man for sure, the monster is just our own mirror (so sadly pollution or the polluter).

Your Go to Comfort Food ?
Chocolate ! And you know I am in the right place cause I have been eating a lot of Chocolate in Brussels !

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Très belle vidéo, montage d'une qualité exceptionnelle La traduction est très bien exécutée, heureusement cela donne la possibilité de comprendre exactement l 'interview à voir et à écouter,