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Interview of Michelle Gomez who plays Missy in the British TV Series Doctor Who.
She also plays Madame Satan in the American Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, shot during the Brussels Comic Con 2019.

What Personal Touch did she give to the Master ?
How was her First Day into that Universe ?
Why is she ALWAYS playing Evil Characters ?
Does she have an Anecdote about her Kissing Scene with the Doctor ?
Find out by watching our Interview !

What did you like most in playing Missy in Doctor Who?
They gave me so much Freedom to play, to be goofy and to be dark.
I could play the whole Palette of colors and emotions that we have in people so the biggest Gift for me was that amount of freedom.

What Personal Touch did you give to the Master ?
When you say I brought something to the Master that was so necessary,
do you mean a Vagina ? *audience laughing*
Because it seems to be the only thing I did, really.

Did you know you were gonna play the Master ?
Yes, I did know that I was gonna be the Master.
From the moment I had the Offer, I had about a Year during which the Directors would film the TV Series. It would then get cut before coming out so I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that I couldn't tell anybody that I was gonna be the Master.
I only told my husband and my agent of course knew.

Your First Day into that Universe ?
I really had to try and keep my shit together because the first day I went in, I was like :

'There's Doctor Who, there's Doctor Who, there's Doctor Who'
'There's a Tardis, there's a Tardis, there's a Tardis' *audience laughing*
'Oooh fucking hell, there's Doctor Who' *giggles*

I was like hum ok.. I need to lighten up. They paid me, I need to be a Professional Actor.

What's so good about Missy ?
The thing about Missy was that she genuinely looked quite Dangerous from the start.

An Anecdote about your Kissing Scene with the Doctor ?
Jenna Coleman (AKA Clara Oswald, companion to the 12th Doctor) helped me and held my hand while I was snogging Peter /Capaldi/ (12th incarnation of Doctor Who).
Everything about that is so wrong and reflects badly I think on Jenna really, more than on myself but that was kind of how the Friendship began on Day One.
We knew the three of us were gonna have a lot of Fun together and support each other so the Narratives went along with that 'Threesome' *giggles*

Why ALWAYS Evil Characters ?
I tend to play similar Characters (mostly on screen) because the Camera doesn't lie.
This face was born to play Witches.

Favorite Character that you played ?
I think that'll always be Missy. Missy will always top it for me because I was given so much Creative Freedom whereas Madame Satan is wonderful but it's a small part in a huge machine because it's Warner Bros and Netflix.

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