Brussels Comic Con 2019 - Cosplays

01h44 PM

I went to Brussels Comic Con 2019 and I gathered all the Best Cosplays in a single video for you!

From Marvel with the Avengers and Deadpool (watch baby Hulk running !) to DC with Jokers and Harley Quinns as crazy as usual.

From Harry Potter with Voldemort and Grindelwald casting unforgivable curses to Star Wars with a very personal interpretation of C-3PO, you'll definitely have fun watching their Catwalk.

There's even a Horror category if you dare (plus some funny surprises)..
Here's a Compilation of the Greatest Cosplayers from this event in Belgium !


00:26 - Marvel
02:47 - Star Wars
03:38 - Manga
05:41 - Harry Potter
06:13 - Horror
06:47 - DC
08:04 - Miscellaneous

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