Days Gone - Special Edition

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It's UNBOXING Time for the Special Edition of Days Gone !

Days Gone is a Horror Survival game exclusive to PlayStation.
Its Special Edition contains the Art Book, the Steelbook Case and the Official Soundtrack and is exclusive to Europe.

You'll also get In-Game Bonuses (upgrades, early unlocks), 3 drifter Bike Skins, the 'Monkey Wrench' Skill plus the 'Deacon VS the Horde' Dynamic Theme.

Are you excited about this new freaky apocalyptic-biker-style adventure ?
I will also do a Let's Play on this game very soon so stay tuned !

Art Book
The Art Book perfectly describes Days Gone's Concept Art with a lot of sketches describing the many steps before creating the characters that we love plus there are some great landscapes so you can already feel that apocalypse vibe.

SteelBook Case
The SteelBook Case is a very cool way to keep your Game safe.
The Case has like an 'end-of-the-world' style with the the symbol of Deacon's gang that represents a wild dog unleashing himself.

Original Soundtrack
You'll get a CD containing the full Original Soundtrack from the game with 21 songs.
'Days Gone Main Theme', 'The Freakshow', 'We've all done Things', 'Rest In Peace', 'Finding Nero', 'The Broken Road', 'The Rager Bear', 'Lost Lake', 'I Remember', 'Keep them safe', 'Riding Nomad', 'Promises and Regrets', 'You're safe now', 'What did you do ?', 'Drifting away', 'Sarah's Theme', 'Light One Candle', 'Never Give up', 'Holy War', 'Why we fight', 'Yesterday'.

Riding with Style
- 3 Drifter Bike Skins (Red, Blue & Green)
- Gas Tank Upgrade
- Nitrous Upgrade
- Shroud Upgrade

Monkey Wrench
The 'Monkey Wrench' skill allows you to use less scraps to fix your bike.
It actually doubles the effectiveness of your repairing skills.
'Cause yes, during the game, your bike will wear out (by accident or by intentionally smashing freakers) so it is very useful to get that skill early game (you would need 6 Skill Points to unlock it otherwise).

Days Gone Dynamic Theme
You will get a very cool Dynamic Theme called 'Deacon VS the Horde' that consists in a background full of Freakers chasing you while Deacon appears when you go through your Game Menu. You'll also get to hear the main theme from the game right when you switch your PlayStation ON !

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