Days Gone #1 - RUN BITCH
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02h53 PM

First part of our Let's Play on Days Gone,
the new Survival Horror Game.

'You wanted a Freakshow ? Place is crawling.'
We'll Play an anrgy Biker called Deacon, riding through the broken road where almost anything wants you dead. If it's not the others gangs, it's the wolves and if it's not the wolves, it's obviously the Freakers (Zombies)..
In this episode, we'll say goodbye to our beloved Sarah then we'll chase ******* Leon (with many many fails) and we'll RUN LIKE HELL from the Freakers because obviously, we're not ready at all !

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UPD 05/04/2019 (03h00 PM)

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We need Mirages to go further..

09h40 PM
I absolutely love the fact that you put a lot of suspense in your videos ! You make the game look even more interesting ! Keep it up ;)