LIS - Before the Storm #7
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# 7

01h06 PM

7th part of our Walkthrough about the sequel of
Life is Strange : Before The Storm.

After revealing that Rachel's dad was cheating on his wife, we discovered that Sera, the girl he was kissing, is actually Rachel's mom !

Meanwhile, Chloe is finally becoming the girl we know : a big-hearted and dramatic rebel with blue hair (to make it short). She'll try her best to organize a meeting since Rachel is now desperate to meet her birth mother.

Unfortunately, their meeting will quickly turn into a nightmare..

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UPD 06/27/2019 (01h23 PM)

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We need Mirages to go further..

07h52 PM
I really wonder what's going to happen on the last episode... Great video and preview ! Getting really impatient to know the rest of the story !