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Once upon a time in a dark and artificial era, there was a child with a present heart. Oceus Brante was a fifteen-year-old young boy lost in a way too connected century, a century confusing real and virtual where digital information was queen, where WebSocializing was vital and where private life was a myth. Every piece of information had to be accessible to exist, every veiled piece of data was victim of mockery or casted doubt. It was the social networks zenith. Forgotten the past rivalries, dating sites and online communities had merged to build the HalfLife empire reconstituting the representative notions of the real life by lines of code. How had the world been convinced ? The argument was simple, what you could not really do, you could do it virtually : « Become what you can’t be ». Why make the effort to train yourself regularly when you can be a world champion in a few clicks ? Why make the effort to date when you can swipe the candidates ? Buying a dream is way easier than reaching it. Reality was not enough anymore, cables were replacing bonds and databases were replacing memories.
Oceus, like the others, had been corrupted by the motto. Being excessively shy, he thought that indirect contact was his only solution. That explained why he had more virtual friends than real ones. The extranet was his persecutor and the internet his refuge. He was in his first year at the Technologies Academy that trained the future geniuses in robotics and programming. Passionate about the mathematics, he was ahead of the others but preferred to hide his potential to better blend in with the crowd. He liked the understand how things worked and, having a very rational mind, he was convinced to be able to crack the code of human behavior as if this one only consisted of nuts and bolts. As the first step of understanding a system is its observation, he observed enormously the people around him. He seemed very cold to those who didn’t know him however, no matter how cold his outer wall was, it was in fact a lava heart whose eruption was hidden that gave rhythm to his mechanism. He was not insensitive to the ladies charm, especially concerning one in particular who was close to his passive deprogramming record. A pretty gold-haired and silver-eyed damsel that caused in him an error system. This flaw was named Wenra Robork and the entire class knew her effect on Brante the insensitive. He spent much time secretly contemplating her profile on HalfLife however he could not access all of her holograms since he didn’t dare to ask for her virtual key. He preferred to keep this situation as it was rather than risk a nervous failure. Moreover, she was already going out with « SmashMind », a stupid giant with many contacts that cheated to succeed. His nickname hadn’t been given to him for no reason, it was better not to conflict with him. Oceus didn’t understand what a pearl like her could have found to a pickaxe like him. A few days before the end of the academic year, whereas Oceus, sitting on a stairstep, was drawing his project plans for the holidays, Wenra came and bothered him by asking him what he was doing. His heartbeats then accelerated and, wondering if she could hear them, he answered that he was doing nothing, hiding his drawings. She sat next to him and his face turned as red as molten metal. « What are you going to do for the holidays ? » she asked him. « Nothing, why ? » he responded. « Because I’d like to do something with you one of those days.. » she answered. A silence caused by his embarrassment was heard and Wenra ended with « Here, this is for you ! », giving him a paper before leaving as suddenly as she had arrived. Oceus opened the folded paper and discovered on it the virtual key of his precious : « A0-T^-R1-39 ». This meant a lot to him, he would be able to talk to her. Virtually, he was not the same person. You could not see his weaknesses, you could only read the ingenious sentences that he didn’t dare to pronounce. The cyberdiscussions began and lasted long, they had a lot of things in common such as the luminous structures, that allowed to organize a tridimensional model, and the mythology, when the legends were replacing the invetions. Yet something was displeasing him, over time, they had become close and she had then begun to talk about her relationship problems with the tall moronic cheat. That painfully reminded him that he was alone and above all that he was not with her but he knew he had a card up his sleeve. He thought he could convince her that she would be happier with him. Month after month, their links, even from a distance, were closing in on until she announced a cataclysm : she suggested a date. By fear to be pathetic and to put an end to their cyberdiscussions, he managed to skip it by inventing a believable excuse but the start of the new academic year was coming closer and he could not avoid it for long. The dreaded day arrived. Once she saw him, she ran towards him but his shyness was acting as an oral padlock. She knew he was not comfortable in front of the others and since SmashMind was nearby, she suggested isolating themselves somewhere in the academy. She leaded him in a random classroom and immediately wanted to kiss him but he went backwards, whispering that he was embarrassed. She had the idea to switch off the lights and asked him « Is it better like that ? » before starting her attempt again. Oceus felt a combination of fear and pleasure and ended up conceding. A discharge of sensations hit him deliciously. At this time, he would have been able to do anything for her but his love at first strike didn’t want to stop there. As a lightning, without warning, she lowered her hand ordering to let her do it, which paralyzed the novice. Whereas she was undressing him, he finally felt the shock and managed to say that he was not ready. The tease stopped with alacrity her attempt and said that he had nothing to worry about and that she had some protections in her bag outside. She got back on her feet and, kissing him once again, asked him to wait. Still in shock, he let her leave without a word. Then plunged into the dark, still under the electric voltage imposed by the thunderbolt, he plunged into an internal thought : what was he doing ? He loved her but did she love him ? Everything was happening so fast. Should he run away from the storm or should he unleash it ? It was not a question of resolving algorithmic problems, it was a dilemma between heart and reason. Impossible to think rationally in such an electric climate. He could still escape as he usually did because the flight is calm and risk-free but what was his life so far really worth it ? The waterfall is way more beautiful than the stream. All of a sudden, a lightning interrupted his philosophical questioning and blinded him a few moment, the lights from the room had just been switched on. Laughter emerged from the dazzling however, as for a victim of close deflagration, his mind protected him the best it could by decreasing his hearing a bit. Before his sight could restore itself, a thunderstorm rumbled. A stream of linked lightning had chosen him as a target. Feeling each flash as a blade in the heart, he understood that this one had just cracked. Realizing the real reality, he knew that the thunder that he had just endured was striking the hour of his humiliation. His mind tried once again to protect him by giving him the illusion that it could not be true, such a pain could not exist. Dizzy like in a dream, he stood up, confused and undressed, pitifully looking at the crowd in which he only recognized the giant. The unconscious then took over and triggered in him hysteria as the last barrier against the unbearable discharge. He then caught sight of the outside that seemed so peaceful to him and ran, at lightning speed, towards his salvation by jumping out of the window of his cardiac grave. Oceus Brante took several weeks to take back his conscious state. During his protective unconscious madness, he had been wandering in the darkness of the city of light feeling neither hunger, neither thirst, neither emotion and sleeping in places hidden from sight. He even had managed to escape detection of mobile cameras and laser drones of which he knew the algorimetry. He recovered his consciousness in a familiar place, a secret hideout where he liked to hide when he was a child. It was reachable from a very large cable that was not in operation anymore for a long time and that leaded below the playground where his parents used to bring him to play, now closed down. It consisted of a tight underground room, a frozen cellar that looked like the past architectural style, perhaps a vestige of an ancient house. His brain should have found this memory as a last resort before bursting as if this one symbolized a shelter against the world where he could feel pacified and secure. After this period of internal rest, Oceus could finally face the humiliation. It could not have been a simple storm of circumstances, this thunder clap had been planned. The giant had to realize his weakness for Wenra and with her as accomplice, they had set a trap for him to ruin his reputation forever. He knew that the shots of him undressed would not take long to spread on internet and he was well aware that a datum caught on the web could never escape from it. Soon his story would be published on blogs, soon his body would be downloaded on pornographic sites and soon his face would be synonym of shame and unbearable mockeries. The WebSocialization being vital, he had to disappear. Maybe would he have to stay forever in this cellar so comfortable ? He thought that suicide would also be a pleasurable flight but before his sadness set in making this hypothesis realizable, his mind bounced back. The body has a lot of resources to face any devastation and the survival allows accomplishing miracles. Instead of sinking into darkness, anger took over. Revenge would be his new aim. As an antibody, his hate would protect him from his sorrow and his wrath would make his broken heart beat again. His ire would be his redemption. He wondered a long time why. Why inflict such a pain ? Why him ? Why them ? Why her ? Mathematically reasoning, he was searching the solution to the equation of injustice. Why people are brought to inflict so strong traumatisms ? All he was seeing from this world connected from a distance was so sad. So many artificial things, so much appearance, so many illusions dictated by the ones who rule it but what is real at last ? In reality, it’s not love that link the people, it’s wrath. The human beings can only be bad because their instinct orders destruction. In egoism, we look alike. In compassion, we grow apart. So many families torn apart by the will of one man, so many hopes dashed for the entertainment of one nation. Love doesn’t exist, it is only a feeling dictated by the illusionists, a virtual sensation to mask what the world is becoming, a devastating code that we force ourselves to recite, a trap in which we fall without being ever able to pick ourselves up from it. If the human is bad, he would be the worst. If the man thinks he knows torture, Oceus would give him its most painful definition because never again he would be deceived. Now he would be the one to set the trap, now he would be the one to wear the mask, now he would be the one to slice the hearts. Being evil is the best way not to be its victim anymore. As a peerless programmer, he had to get his computer back to concoct his revenge plan because there were in it powerful software he got by his position of number one at the academy and by various technocontests. By manipulating the cables of the key of his parents’ house, he decrypted the password without any problem and got his treasure back. He knew he also had to get some robotic tools to carry out his plan that could be found at the academy. Given the fact that he had taken part at the conception of its security system, he easily thwarted it. Back at his cellar which he nicknamed Olympus, he undertook to teach himself in a field he didn’t know much : hacking. Since he now had to be autonomous, he had to find a way to get what he needed to ensure his survival (food, devices) and hacking precisely consists in accessing what we are not allowed to. Furthermore, in such a connected world, everything being governed by hackable machines, being a hacker meant being a king. He learnt for several months the important notions of hacking such as flaws implementing which consisted in injecting a portal in a security breach to allow a passing between two components, the virtual explosion by mask which consisted in leading the targets to spread a virus themselves by confusing it with a resource of their informatics libraries, the digital rain which consisted in simulating billions of inputs within a matter of seconds whether to create an error allowing a data exchange or whether to understand the encryption key to access the information and the mimetic exploitation which consisted in copying the behavior of a system to allow a temporary invisible intrusion inside of it. Thanks to his talents in robotics, programming and hacking, he created devices that allowed him to crack almost every informatics structure. Multiplying the thefts, he was getting this way little by little everything he needed for his flagship project, becoming after every new acquisition more brilliant and more gifted. During the following years, he created piece by piece and line of code by line of code his masterpiece. Anger being his motor, it made him go very far. He forced himself to relive each second of the moment his heart had broken to draw inside of himself the last resources. For every flash, he would destroy hundreds of hearts. For every disillusion, he would dash hundreds of hopes. He was exclusively working at night and in parallel, during the daylight, he was observing, hidden from sight, his future victims, seeking to understand their working and writing down their reactions as the hypothesizes of a demonstration. Internet being his source without any limit for him, he was finding in it ideas he was perfecting, accounts to enrich his functions. He stole from it the plans of revolutionary structures and the algorithmic secrets of the most advanced machines until his project finally neared his goal on the eve of a famous feast of love curiously. To celebrate that, he decided to visit an old giant. It had been easy for him to find him, he only had to hack his HalfLife profile to access his address, the holograms of his house and even the ones of his car. Once on site, he did some research on his electrical equipment and found an easy way to take control of them. From a distance, he waited for nightfall to act. While the giant was peacefully sleeping, he decided that his peaceful life had to cease. With his portable computer, he accessed the administration panel of his connected house and sent a query thwarting the security conditions to raise the ambient temperature to 40°C. Via the cameras, he could see its immediate effect on the giant who, sweating and dizzy, had just got up. This one attempted from the control room to return to the default settings without success since Oceus was blocking access to it. He attempted to escape through the door and then through the windows that the genius had also blocked by using the anti-storm protections. He then tried to ask for help via internet in vain. Brante the insensitive then decided to blind him by a repetition loop switching on and off the lights. Panicked, the former executioner tried to find a loophole by hitting a window many times with the fire extinguisher of his cellar but only managed to exhaust himself. Nonetheless, he surprised the former victim that hadn’t anticipated that he would faint through action of heat. Oceus had the idea to activate the sound system to full power by playing a retro dubstep music from his playlist to wake him up but the giant was still in a daze. So he decided to trigger the fire alarm system taking the total water resources of the house as a source making it go through the heater power. SmashMind woke up to his nightmare, splashed by liters of boiling water in which he would be about to drown. Thanks to the hacked flow, the boiling water level quickly rose and the idiot didn’t take long to be in apnea in a boiling water in which the dubstep was resonating under the blinding flashs however the former trapped man had underestimated the strength of water that broke the barrier of protection of one of the windows through which the target could escape just in time. Extremely confused and spitting out the water from his lungs, the man with the burned skin had just spotted his salvation. He hurried to his digitally controlled car to run away as fast as possible from his grave whereas he, in reality, had just put a foot in it. While thinking he would be safe accelerating at full speed onboard his vehicle, Oceus, who had also hacked the engine previously, suddenly locked the doors, fastened him using his electric belt and started on the music where he had left it off making the lights flicker once again. The giant had no control on the situation anymore, he was attending his own death. Oceus redirected the car to the graveyard of his heart skilfully passing the security barriers of the academy to finally reach the corridor containing the famous room. Whereas the tortured man was seeing the last seconds of his despicable life flash by with his eyes, crossing the place of his slaughters, Oceus sent three scripts simultaneously to mark his resurrection : one to the hell’s house that exploded by a short circuit produced by the water of the fire alarm system and the electricity of the cables overhanging it, bursting up the heating that caused the meeting of the flame born this way with the release of gas initialized at the same time, the second one made the vehicle engine superheat causing the combustion striking the hour of revenge and the last one triggered the fireworks from the festival courtyard. Oceus then stood up from the bench on which he was sitting and left the park to head for Olympus, enjoying the spectacle of his triumph. The day after, he eventually decided to put his creation into practice. It only remained for him to configure the last personalization options of his masterpiece. To do so, he hacked the profile of miss Robork to access her tastes. By analyzing her passions, the men she went out with, her activities, what she was looking for and what she liked on HalfLife, he could inject the final data in his machine and create a scenario and a meeting strategy that couldn’t fail. He noticed that she had currently a boyfriend but wouldn’t change a thing. He managed this way to extract from it the sensory love outline to a lying device that looked like a key which he called « lightning arrow ». This outline gave information about the most compatible personality to adopt to charm the target by dosing out gauges of gentleness, humor or even surprise and by drawing information and attitudes from libraries of reactional characterization. By finalizing the details, he finished personalizing it : he configured its height by loosening some bolts, its muscle structure by retightening others, the length and the color of its hair made of optical fiber, the color of its glass skin, the one of its magnetic eyes and the tone of its voice via the three waves’ theory. In just a few years, he had created a robotic being perfectly approaching the human aspect. Its veins and its nerves being made of nanocables, his heart being a thermonuclear engine making a detachable liquid circulate by beats allowing the golden muscles and bones to move and a cooling gas to shift regulating the temperature of the inner and outer walls, his working was started up by inserting a lightning arrow in its center. His brain was composed of two devices synchronizing the various functions : one notably insuring the concordance of its gestures by slowed down and accelerated transitions and the other one connecting the cables to a server from a distance making the control of the machine possible. It was his life work, the one that would allow demonstrating his thesis. A creation that would have never seen the light of day without all his hate and all his suffering that had pushed him to persevere. Have you heard about the legend of the fallen angel that invented the greatest illusion ? This angel was constantly humiliated by his own kind that only saw him as a weak being. He swore to himself to prove them his strength. Desiring the power of the Gods, he had the idea to corrupt their judgment by linking them by a poison misleading the senses. This poison being only effective when going through every vein of its targets, he had to hit them in their center, he had to stab them in their heart. From a distance, he aimed at the most powerful gods, unifying them in the madness. This loss of reason caused in them an incapacity to think, a paralysis of the reason that made them fall into absurd by creating in them an irrational desire for the first thing they saw. To thank him, these ones then gave their magic up for him that they found useless in dementia. Moreover, the ones that had not been hit even implored the angel for a single drop of his magical filter however, this one owning the powers to rule earth and sky didn’t care about them and started to destroy the ones who had underestimated him formerly. Meanwhile, the weaker gods, jealous of the senseless happiness of the new mortals, took revenge by stealing the poison and realized his devastating effect on the mind. They decided to punish the angel by piercing his own heart with a poisoned arrow. Under the effect of the poison, he accepted to give his powers to the weaker gods and was sentenced to shoot, from the clouds, with poisoned arrows forever the men, that were believed to be equal to the gods, to corrupt their mind not to make them become too powerful and to ensure their control. This legend was Oceus’ favorite who decided to honor it by giving to his demon the same name as the fallen angel, he decided this way to name his robot « Cupid ». He then pierced the thermonuclear heart of his machine with the lightning arrow tracing the sensory love outline of Wenra Robork and settled himself in the connection capsule. He positioned the neurotransmitter helmet linked to the server of Olympus on his head, fastened himself to the mechanical device of his invention and put on his projecting glasses before launching the neuronal synchronization. While suffering from the biggest physical pain, he didn’t scream, he only displayed a demonic smile and regained consciousness as Cupid. It had worked, the neuronal systems being perfectly connected, each action of his original body was sending simultaneously an electrical impulse to the robot of the same intensity and to the same receiver as the initial body. Before assuming his mission, he contemplated for an instant his original body that seemed so weak to him and looking at his mental double in the eyes, he pronounced these words : « Let’s prove that love does not exist ». On the road to CyberArcadia where Wenra was a regular customer, he was surprised by the look of the others on his person. He had to become aware that he was not the invisible geek anymore, the laboratory rat that was despised but that he was now a handsome Mediterranean sporty 1m90 high mixed-race with azure eyes, mid long black hair, a very deep voice, passionate about surfing, gone around the world and smelling like the sea as the search criteria of the silver-eyed accomplice had dictated it. He arrived at the virtual arcade and headed for the ice hockey area. By entering the white room, he recognized her immediately. She was even more beautiful than her holograms, he remembered their electric kiss followed by his humiliation. Anger then invaded him a little more but he had to stay in character. Putting his resistance outfit on, he plugged himself in the semi-virtual game and the lights were turned off. A frenzied match was about to begin, the game had decided that they would be opponents. His algorithms of seduction suggested provoking his target arrogantly by using some little physical contacts to get closer to her and to reawaken her competitive instincts. Benefiting from a limitless energy, he increased his speed and his strength to let the two teams know that he would be the dangerous element of the match, challenging his opponents as well as his allies to physical duels to prove that no comparison could be made. Now that he was catching the attention of the pretty woman, he took the opportunity to demonstrate his efficiency by mastering several deflagration shots that got straight to the goal. He committed a professional foul once again to give to his target the opportunity to show her skills not to give the impression that the match was already decided in advance. Shortly after that, he forced one by one the players to activate their disjunction by considerably reducing each of their energy gauge by damaging their stick with linked shots. There were only him and her left. To fill with life her hope of victory, he faked believable fouls. His mechanisms of argumentation then started up ingenious sentences to arouse inside herself the challenge and they passed the buck for several thrilling minutes, creating little by little their virtual link. Just before the chronometer announced the end of the match, whereas the points were about to grant the draw, the machine decided to let the damsel win by deliberately committing a technical mistake that allowed her time to score the victory shot. He knew he would win later. Now disconnected, he brutally offered to Wenra her favorite cocktail. Sitting on the steps of the entrance, he introduced himself by reciting by heart his profile copied from her answers to the search quizzes, narrating his fictional adventures in all corners of the world and often turned the floor over to her by asking her relevant questions that he completed to create the illusion to share a lot of things in common with her. He asked if the precious lady was single, to which she answered that she was available. After two hours of artificial discussion, he suggested to bring her back home. Once arrived, they both went to the 390th floor of the building, flat ID T1R^A. From the moment they came in, she wanted to pounce on him but he held her back claiming that they had to push the desire to its paroxysm. She affirmed that she was ready, taking some protections from her bag. He slowly moved forward to the bed, forcing her to move back, falling on the bed and he undressed her in a wild way. When she wanted to do the same, he turned the lights off assuring that it would be better like that. Then touching his freezing neck to get her face closer to his, she was living the most intense moment of her life and without the slightest suspicion that it would be her last one. In an extremely slowed down way, looking for the contact of his lips, she closed her eyes, letting herself be guided by her senses to achieve the eruption. The intersection of the two destinies was about to take place, the desire of the silver-eyed woman being distorted by her idealization of love. An artificial love that the world had made her swallow to mask its real nature, a virtual feeling born to die, a connection of two beings that only causes pleasure and destruction, a link disconnecting the reason, an irrational desire that paralyzes the success of our lives was about to explode. Finally reaching the last barrier before the illusion, her lips of hope were touching his glass lips. Under the blazing tension of the meeting between fire and ice, the tongue of Wenra was hopelessly looking for its pair. Sensuously lost in her senses, she eventually managed to join the cables together, creating the contact then the lightning loomed. The thunderstorm rumbled during the second when the mechanical tongue and the tongue in love were turning together. The electrons spreading from the intersection of the circuit to the heart of the victim created in her the ultimate orgasm. A cardiac and cerebral shock so powerful that he was defining on its own the ecstasy of the fusion of the two bodies. While the sparks were traveling through the body of the gold-haired girl making the flashes illuminating her death, every electric collision was sucking up her last breathes of life. Discharging his desire and paralyzing her beats, the poisoned arrow of Cupid had just run through the source of her hopes. A lethal short circuit caused by the most perfect connection. Wenra Robork had just died by the most delicious electrocution. Forever paralyzed by the illusion, she had been finally able to understand what Oceus had felt. The cascade, as beautiful as it could be, remains fatal and will always lead to the majestic oceans. Carefully standing up from the trembling corpse still under tension, the mechanical demon let the precious sleep forever after their electric kiss, contrary to the fairy tales. Oceus thought that all of that was mathematically logical, after all, gold is the best conductor. During the years following this revenge, Oceus considerably increased his number of victims still with the aim of proving that love was only an illusion and was therefore not real, attacking at first the unfaithful women to whom the real desire that Cupid created in them according them all their fantasies of the perfect man surpassed the virtual love that was sealing their union to their so-called soul sister, now broken. There were no limits, no matter how many years of flaunted illusory happiness, how many children they had given life to or how many values proudly swallowed defining their invented passion, every couple ended up shattered by the desire. Every woman targeted by the machine strayed from what she had forced herself to believe to get a taste of the lethal perfection of his electric kiss. Remodeling for every hypothesis of his demonstration the face of his mechanical creature, adjusting the settings of the assembled body, the algorithms of Cupid always found the flaw. Every woman was proving his theory, none was an exception. To break the illusion, it was sufficient to accord their most beautiful desire. No union was an exception to the mathematical rule and Oceus was taking great pleasure in seeing all those engaged women split their own heart. Now that he had the proof that only desire and passion were real, he would never be deceived again because he would be the one to set the trap, masked by the irresistible chameleon. To dash a hope, he had proved that it was enough to offer a greater one. However, despite his extremely rational mind, he remained a human being also endowed with emotions that he took more for weaknesses and his desire of justice progressively transformed into a selfish desire. The love avenger, once his thesis irrefutably proved, was about to sink in an insatiable thirst for desire. More powerful than ever, assisted by his undeniably charming demon, he was able to appeal to every woman and didn’t take long to use him for his own convenience because even when taking back the strategies of seduction that the algorithms suggested and even when studying the psychological profile of his targets in depth, Oceus, in his original body, never managed to conquer the heart of the damsels that appealed to him. As the state of mind seemed identical, he was disappointed by his body because virtually, as Cupid, every attempt was a success whereas really, as Oceus, every try was appalling. What is more unbearable than being able to seduce only when embodying someone else as one’s own ? He changed his targets and now aimed at every woman his style. These ones were strangely more difficult to convince than the ones whose destiny was already linked but always ended up falling. Now that he was not guided by the demonstrated purpose anymore, he was becoming a little more insensitive after every passionate discharge he inflicted on the hopers, making his quest for sensations less and less possible to reach, multiplying the assassinations. A desperate killer with an absent heart was slowly taking possession of the rest of his being. Disowning more and more every day his original form, he was forgetting little by little the human he was after every thunderstorm because he could only feel satisfied when being the robot. He didn't believe in love anymore and he was right but was the reason sufficient ? After each synchronization, he was looking with contempt at his so pitiful body carrying so many weaknesses whereas the machine was prodigiously infallible. If he could, he would stay connected to it in every instant. Perhaps It would be what would make him feel alive again. Oceus preferred Cupid to himself without knowing that he would be the next victim of the killer. He was a god among the men having the power to corrupt any pretty one. He was the illusionist that made the hearts melt but for each electric disillusion, his own heart was a little more split until the day when the lightning didn’t give him any more sensations. He didn’t understand yet that the thunderbolt had ended up draining his heart by paralyzing his emotions. So he sought new prettier, more radiant and more brilliant preys to attempt his reanimation, in vain. He consumed without stopping, drinking from the fountain of desire without ever being able to satiate his thirst. After months of sensational research during which the muses had been showering down, his full power cables seemed empty, his thermonuclear heart seemed frozen and his million colors eyes seemed dull. In the abyss of lost emotions creator of his insanity, he eventually managed to understand. He had become the robot. He was himself the machine. Love, despite being an illusion, is necessary because we cannot live without believing even if we know. We need hope even if it is not real because mirages allow us to go on. As the mirage of the oasis that guides the lost voyagers through the desert, the illusion of love takes the desperate beings by the hand through the apocalypse of the ruined world of emotion, giving them the sensation to exist. What is felt is way livelier than the reality itself and proving that love does not exist only leads to the loss of hope, condemning our lives. Further to this existential revelation, Cupid left his last lover to join Olympus which gave birth to him. He knew that it was too late for him, that he had gone too far by defying the gods and that he would never be able to be alive again. It was time to suffer their sentence. He joined his creator and in his ultimate minutes, he contemplated at last the beauty of what he had been. When we are force, we disappear. The weaknesses are the ones to create the wonderment. Admiring the perfect imperfection of the human, the demonic machine, with his magnetic eyes, looked deep into Oceus’ eyes of hope. He disconnected the broken arrow containing the sensory love outline of Wenra Robork from his molten heart and although he was dizzy, his circuits drawing in the last resources of his unsupplied system, he kept staring at the one whose heart had not always been absent, hardly remembering by flashes the memories of his past life. In the crazy hope of being able to taste again the indispensable poison, Cupid pierced with his lightning arrow Oceus in his heart to attempt to spread just one last time the illusion. The absent hearts now being connected, the shared soul could desanimate the insensitive genius once a love avenger. The lava heart, having its power no more limited by the arrow, created from their fateful union infinite collisions causing luminous radiances almost celestial. The uncontrol caused a deflagration in five flames which, joining the electric background, resulted in an explosion worthy of the most beautiful supernovas. During these seconds while the star was joining the milky way, the spirit of Oceus Brante freed itself emitting the most brilliant axiom : « Happy the unhappy because they feel ».
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