Hazarys, Apocalypse's Origin

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She was a woman, he was a man. They were sad. Tortured by their realities, their past point in common was suffering in silence. He liked the beautiful things, she liked the beautiful stories. Locked in her dungeon, from her closed window, the young damsel was watching out for her cavalier savior. She was not the only one to be held against her will inside the nightmarish castle. The wizard was also holding her many sisters. Against the dragon, they were defenseless. His breath was leaving them breathless, his hugeness was making them feel like ants and his fire was freezing them out. At the mercy of the beast, they could only endure and for each inevitable inconvenience, he took a malicious pleasure in transferring his infinite hate on his bewitched prisoners, marking them forever by his sharpened claws to remind them until their death that they were his. Yet they tried on a number of occasions to escape from his insatiable claw but with his gigantic tail, the reptile brought them back every time, making them all pay for the jailbreak of each one. Fear locking up their calls for help, no bottle could touch the waves of the desert island. Lost in the labyrinth of their childhood, they were running only to be hurt by the walls hiding the sky but the minotaur knew by heart every nook and cranny of it. Even if, behind the clouds, their mother had endured their afflictions at first, the giant had rapidly decided to print also on their bodies his territory. The castle looking so marvelous in appearance belonged to him and anyone having been fooled by the illusion by lodging there for a single night became his servant forever. The woman, in the hope of finding the prince charming, had kissed the toad only to wake up from it the dragon, condemning her future children.
Prisoner from the luxury of his parents, the less young knight had stolen their palace to build his own reign, making queens of an instant the pretty he met without love, for his fancy. But before the theft, the old king had offered him as a gift his taste for effort and had passed down to him this way his passion for the numbers. To insure himself, the genius was finding his treasures by looting the future poor that entrusted their money to him. Having a phobia of responsibilities, the charmer saved a princess before kissing another one, sitting astride his charger as white as hells. Juggling with their heart, the deft jester was laughing alone about his ridiculous acrobatics.

One day, travelling on the rainbow road, the cavalier caught sight of a new castle, a new prey to swindle without the slightest suspicion that he would encounter a worthy opponent. Facing the dragon, arming himself with his finest words, the thief noticed a stone more precious than the others. The accountant promised to her father the most beautiful wonders in exchange for his gold. During this periplus where the monsters were confronting each other, she fell under the charm of the hero defying her persecutor without knowing that she was actually repeating the fatal mistake. After several convincing sword strikes, he brought one after the other to the ground the wizard, the dragon, the minotaur and the giant. With his devilish argumentation, he finally managed to make the one who only attacked smaller than him lay down arms. However, the heart swindler, greedy, also wanted to own the glare that had caught his eye. Conscious that the beast would not leave him one of his slaves in exchange for simple words, he secretly dropped one to the pretty one before disappearing as if by magic.

The dragon still being under the hypnosis of the thief, the enchanted one responded to the request of the enchanter and joined him during a summer night in his sumptuous palace. He narrated her mountains and wonders and naΓ―ve, the beauty swallowed each of his deceitful words. He promised to get her far away from her donjon. During this hazardous meeting under the lunar eclipse, the prince charmer and the hope-overflowing princess spent the night together. Hiding his real intentions, he entertained himself for several weeks with the lover. Away from time, she was forgetting little by little her bruises by getting lost in the golden eyes of the ravishing ravisher. She was already imagining her life with him, she was ready to offer him her heart on a silver platter whereas he would only keep the receptacle. Came the hour of his ennui, as usual, he was starting to get bored of the distraught one and his thirst for wealth and diversity would not take long to express itself. So he attempted to run away but more persistent than the others, not wanting to return towards her infernal past, she, in turn, used cunning to keep her handsome one by her side. She announced what seemed the most painful revelation to him : she was pregnant. The beauty, wanting to make sure to never go back under the claws of the dragon, had deliberately planned to seal their union by leaving him no choice. Upheaved by the upheaving upheaval, the treasure hunter had bet on the wrong jewel. According to him, it could not be real. The foxiest fox could not have been fooled by the eyes of the doe. He would have his revenge, the charlatan had not said his last word yet.

The player played the card of the fallen one, feigning his immeasurable happiness at the announcement of their family. To celebrate the gift, he gave a joy speech to his beauty, staging himself as a savior. He would tear once and for all the princess away from the grips of the tyrant. He offered her a getaway in snow-covered lands where the sky was borealed by auroras equaling, according to his fables, every hope glimmer of her irises. The beauty, forgetting his previous escape, melted for this one. She had nothing, he was everything. He had everything, she was nothing. After that the polluting bird had landed, he did want to show her a magical place, souvenir of his childhood. Once arrived at the frozen lake, they entertained themselves during an artificial ballet for which he proved once more his dexterity, making his partner dance by following a choreography in a stupendous rhythm. Carrying the carrier, making her melt a little more after each synchronized step, they were drawing on the ice a mind-blowing spectacle. Mentally knowing the dance, he was strategically hitting the sore points of the thin surface, accelerating their movement to reach his goal. Holding her hands, they were marking by their rotation ice circles at an exponential speed. In an ultimate pirouette, the fabulous fabulator released the distraught one by a leap leaving her as cold as ice. Not taking her eyes off his mischievous ones while between them the gap was widening identically to a bird of prey abandoning in full flight the skinned and pared-down carcass of its victim , the face of the beauty showed incomprehension. He eventually ended his dance of death by a powerful landing on the ice grave of his responsibilities. The impact caused, from the landing point to the sensitive ones weakened previously, fissure veins which encircled the disillusioned one. Into her intended fallacy, the fallen intended fell intensely. In the dark and icy water paralyzing her senses, the princess rapted from the monster by the monster was quietly vanishing by swallowing every drop of disillusion. At this time, the ruse did so. Alerted by the crack sound, a mysterious man came from nowhere and dove into the portal of shadows to save the soul from the Styx. Getting her out from the river of hell, he reanimated her before the very astonished eyes of the fallacious that would not take long to act stupefied. Alive but still unconscious, she only woke up later at the hospital with the only memory to have been saved by her paramour. He then promised to bring her towards one of the beautiful chalets stolen to the old king.

Inside the mechanical coach on the frozen road, he bore once more her imaginary family projects. Wanting to put an end to the miraculously saved one, he opened the window of the vehicle, pretending to want to admire the red aurora borealis that had just formed. Suddenly, accelerating at full speed to the limit of the narrow mountainous road, he unfastened his seat belt and fled, condemning his beloved. The vehicle hurtled down the slope until it reached the precipice. The full moon following her to her lethal fall, the princess, understanding nothing of what was happening, felt the first contractions. While she was falling into the abyss of her dashed hopes, she prayed to the gods to spare the child she was carrying. To allow this one to live, she was even ready to exchange her life for his/hers. Imploring their mercy, she held her belly and whispered to it, with tears in her eyes, that everything would be just fine whereas the car was gaining speed due to gravity action. Seeing that her prayers were not slowing down the inevitable collision, she attempted a last initiative by proposing a pact to the devil. Offering to the god of death her soul in exchange for the survival of her descendant, she signed with her own blood the diabolical deal. Not knowing if the creator of darkness had heard her machiavellian request, she kept sinking into the void of the unknown. Bedazzled by the celestial radiance, she contemplated a last time the satellite before bringing about the waves of her fall by touching the bottom of the black hole. Destiny calling her soul back to the infernal torrent, she was drowning until the same mysterious man saved her, once again, just in time. Meeting this time his look in the humid chaos, she dove her eyes into his blood-colored ones and her memory returned. It was not an accident, she realized that her prince charmer had attempted to kill her and their child several times. The truth revealed, she lost consciousness one more time and only took it back in a new hospital.

Almost alone, she and her baby had miraculously survived. Ignoring which god had saved them, she thanked as well evil as good without forgetting her promise. Whereas she was slowly regaining consciousness in her hospital room while watching television, the weather forecast alerted that on this 5th day of the week on December 13, an ice storm was announced. At this precise time, a blackout broke out and she found herself in the dark. Looking through the window of her room, she caught sight of a violent blood rain that burst against the glass. From this time, every surging strike was beating in echo with her contractions. She called for help, screaming with all her last strength until a silhouette stood out in the dark. The man getting slowly closer to the bed in which she was resting was allowing the red light to unveil little by little his face. Informing the unknown person that she was about to give birth, she asked him for help however, when the celestial light eventually revealed his identity, she recognized with dismay her prince of horrors. She then begged him to help her given that she was going into labor. This one, without a word, was getting closer and closer to his princess of ruses, unmasking from the dark by the gleam reflecting in it the blade he was brandishing. The storm unleashing itself more and more let a lightning spring. During the instant while its light was illuminating the facial features of the crazy man, in the mind of the one who was giving life, the face of the thief merged into the one of the dragon that had made her suffer so much. Suffering more than ever, the beauty was about to receive the sharp blow but destiny decided otherwise. The hail lashing with an incredible strength on the glass triggered its shard. An icy blast then overwhelmed the area of shadow and abruptly whipped up the crook before dragging him away to the frozen tornado. The charlatan found quickly himself in the heart of the storm. The hailstones, scratching his face, broke the spell. He yelled the indefinable pain that the elements were inflicting on him, his moan resonating to the unbearable groans of the survivor. At the center of chaos, the reversal applying a rotational pressure on each member of the disenchanted one, the debacle disintegrated his body into billiards of atoms. The wind then quieted. After this cascade of linked coincidences, from the aniline hail of pure reflections beating at the same rhythm decamouflaged itself a white moth glowing under the reflected glares. It delicately landed on the new-born whose birth had been announced by the apocalypse during the eclipse. Under the red moon came into the world Hazarys.
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