What is Glory ?

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In the world of words and senses, there exist two sorts of definition. The first one, the accepted and spread one, concerns the universal glory. This one creates the legends in which the heroes stand out by marking History. However behind every description of a defined one is also hiding its contrary : so who says heroes, also says antiheroes. These men that we use as a model as well by wanting to look like them as by wanting to differentiate from them are our inspirations. Among them often there are men of science, men of religion, men of art, men who preside and men who dictate but always there will be men of revolution for to forever exist, you must break the traditions of your time. The followers are only retained for their number whereas the fringe elements are remembered for their name. The ones that act like the others will be forgotten for only difference survives. The universal glory therefore makes the ones it touches immortal by their ideas breaking the codes. The dictates being this way replaced after each mark by more brilliant ones, we endlessly make the world migrate towards unreachable perfection. So it is an infinite source of revolts brought to repeat themselves perpetually under every undefined forms.
The second one, the unknown and masked one, concerns the personal glory. This one is an emotion that is only really visible to the one who feels it. It is a feeling of accomplishment, a luminous satisfaction that reflects a well-being, a pride that can only be understood by the ones who share it. As an essential truth, it exists since the dawn of time but this one is only accessible to a minority.

Why doesn’t it touch a majority ? The answer is simple. The perfection being impossible, there can’t be only satisfaction for when destiny creates a thing, it also gives meaning to what opposes it. This way, there can only exist satisfaction if the unsatisfied one puts it down as there can only be dissatisfaction if the satisfied one exists. There is no project without competitions. It is a cycle turning from the origin to the destruction and from the destruction to the origin where the satisfied and the unsatisfied one endlessly succeed one another.

Now that we know that the personal glory cannot impact the whole world, why does only a minority feel the collision ? For that, I will take mutation as an instance. Mutation is the consequence and the cause of evolution. Every living beings evolve at every moment according to their life experience and pass down their accumulated evolutive quota to their descendant this way, the more time passes, the more we are brought to improve ourselves. When a significant mutation affects individuals in a group, it causes their isolation. The ones that have not mutated are condemned to disappear and reject them because of their difference. These individuals then leave the group to create or to join a new one constituted by their kinds. Among these ones, over time, a new mutation will take place targeting at first a minority before becoming a majority until it becomes itself a minority back and so on. In our discussion, the mutated ones are the satisfied ones and the ones that have not mutated yet or that won’t are the unsatisfied ones. Glory being a difference, it therefore always touches a minority.

Let’s take this argument again in the current context. Our society was built by revolutions. Unknown established faith, faith established religion, religion established morals and morals established justice. All these changes were triggered by wars between the ones obeying to the old system and the ones believing in the new one. That means that when a change becomes globally accepted, it is in turn disrupted. This disruption is always violent and takes time to impose itself, what is logical since at first, the revolt instigators are few however the more time goes by, the more their number will increase until they will be able to tip the balance in their favor. The ones that don’t accept the change are therefore condemned to perish but they don’t know it yet due to the fact that they are momentarily more numerous. The great revolutionaries will therefore always be isolated and pointed at. They will always be mocked and tortured by the ones who refuse progress but their ideas will outlive them until they’ll become customs that will in turn be overthrown. In my opinion, the next great revolt will make us pass from justice to freedom, synonym of unknown.

To illustrate this theory, let’s take education as an example. In the far-off times, knowledge only transmitted from father to son, by generation. The knowledge then greatly differed from a tribe to another. Then came the cults that instituted a same code of conduct. Some wanted to break away from it by putting in place their own rites. From theses differentiated morals were born the arts. The different types of art distinguished the people, granting the privileged ones a more in-depth learning. From this division was established a fair and square education. A control of knowledge was afterwards insured in those schools by certificates, proof of ability for on these ones would depend the professions. From this global move were this way invented more advanced specification methods by a studies system at a higher degree. Here we are situated, in the universe of universities.

In this monopoly, a worthy argument made it swing : the one of the more and more accessible knowledge thanks to the internet, base of infinite data. Education having no more barriers neither predefined codes, I am convinced that society will be brought towards a learning so specialized that we will soon impose an autodidactal (self-taught) education, synonym of freedom as we could already notice by the ones, currently in a minority, who dared to break the tradition of higher education by creating themselves and by creating their own project in an autonomous way. Indeed, the easiest solution, the one everyone follows, will be forgotten whereas the most complex one, the one that stands out and that poses the most obstacles, will live on.

To come back to the theme of this philosophy, today, we own a very weak model of satisfaction. Socially succeeding has to involve earning money. For the majority, the personal glory can only exist by following the traditions, what is in reality an absolute nonsense. This argument, according to our preceding hypothesizes, is absurd for we have proved that we can only be satisfied by differentiating ourselves from the others. The satisfaction that is dictated to us by the current society is built according to this model : To be happy, you have to conform to the rules fixed by the ones who rule the world, you have to be raised by a man and a woman, you have to study for decades, you have to work in a job you don’t really choose, you have to earn money to socially exist, you have to be in love and to found a family that will follow the same dictates and you have to make the system that shaped you as it wanted you to be take precedence over all the others. Behind these illusory values of patriotism, union and happiness is hiding an egotism paralyzing evolution. Forever retain that the frontiers between countries are virtual, that the laws are only mixed letters and that the traditions are chains. We are unfortunately caught in the trap of a society of control where we are imposed what we are allowed and what we are not allowed to be without taking into account what we really are. That is why I incite to revolt for freedom.

These codes are so anchored in minds that you will never be able to make the majority understand the truth. Endlessly, they will tell you that you must work to succeed and that you can’t live without money but what do they know about it ? Do you think they are happy ? Do you really think that you must suffer that much only to eventually have a banal life ? When will they understand that we can live without money ? Moreover, their definition of living is so dark. Living is not being able to satisfy one’s needs by imposing oneself to do an unbearable job every day. It would rather be the modern definition of survival and living is not surviving. You don’t have to endure torments in the present while postponing joy in the future. You must understand that happiness is not a state you reach by daily suffering. It is in reality a way of living which consists in enjoying each of its momentary appearances.

To obtain personal glory, one must be true to oneself. One must listen to one’s instinct and be free. The frontiers of society are only mental barriers, they do not exist. To touch the luminous satisfaction, we must realize what our yens dictate to us. Be judged, be mad and you will be admired, great. To reach accomplishment, we must progress with the ones that resemble us while making our passions real. We must learn without depending for living is being what we are.
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