The Last Of Us

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2033, Earth is nothing of what it looked like, we are in a post-apocalyptic era where blood, fear and shadows rule the world. Hope gives way to Violence and Living means Surviving. Nature has taken back its rights and the human species is not the predominant race on the Planet anymore. 20 years ago from there on, a parasitic fungus called Cordyceps touched humanity. As a parasite, it slowly takes control of the host by growing inside their brain imposing 4 mutation stages and progressively transforms the infected into primitive, slaughter-seeking wild beasts. It was quickly spread through infectious spores and bites and there is no treatment known so far. In this reality, « Survival of the fittest » is the golden motto. 2 Powers distinguished themselves : FEDRA, an antagonistic group that set up several Quarantine Zones controlled by the Military providing some rare food rations and the Rebels who chose to live on their own. Among them, there are the ones called the Hunters who created their own community with their laws, imposing their territory in the ruins of the past civilization, killing every tourist trespassing and there are the Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group that promises a brighter future for mankind. Personifying the last glimmer of hope, they are the only ones searching for a cure as said by their words : « When you are lost in the Darkness, look for the Light. Believe in the Fireflies ».

Breaking-Time by Heart
This Breaking-Time by Heart is about the very famous video game « The Last Of Us » (PS3, PS4), an outstanding survival horror. The video contains an overview on the E3 demo of this game, a description of the context, a presentation of the Joel special edition, the analysis of 3 characters (« Joel, the Survivor », « Ellie, the Rebel » and « David, the Monster »), my point of view on this adventure and 2 sequences respectively recounting the most hilarious moments and the most emotional moments.

Joel, the Survivor
Joel was, is and will always be a survivor. Life has never been easy for him.

Passionate about music, the little Joel from Texas, when he was a child, had the big dream to become a singer and he rapidly learned how to play guitar, his favorite instrument. When singing, he felt like he was growing wings but Reality quickly smashed him.

During his teenage years, his parents abandoned him and his little brother Tommy, who was just a child, to their fate. Forgetting his goals, he had to raise him and they both struggled with it. He later met the love of his life and given his difficult childhood, he decided to get married to her as soon as he could by fear to be left alone again. The same year, she got pregnant and Sarah was born. Despite this, his fear came true and his wife deserted him and his « baby girl ». He raised his daughter as a single parent and he never could attend college. To support Tommy and her, he had to work hard as a carpenter, challenging his body but he was happy thanks to her.

During the next decade, despite his long working hours, he always managed to spend quality time with her, going on hikes, supporting her at soccer matches, she was his reason to fight for. To prove him he was the best dad in the world, she offered him a beautiful watch for his birthday. Several hours later broke out the Infection and this is what happened : VIDEO SEQUENCE

He never recovered from this tragedy, his reason to live had just died and so did his love and faith in humanity. He considered suicide but never could. Instead, wearing his cherished memento, he decided to declare war on life with no reason to fight for except his wrath.

Furious against the Military, he refused to join a Quarantine Zone and ended up joining a violent group of Rebels to support his brother and himself, he quickly learned the survival basics and how to kill because he had to prove himself as a Hunter not to be left for dead. His group killed a lot of innocent people to get food, water, clothes and weapons. He became progressively a skilled and stone-hearted murderer. He had a brutal argument with Tommy about their way of living and this one decided to join the Fireflies. Lonelier than ever, he was becoming a monster until he met Tess 10 years later, a strong woman sharing the same dog-eat-dog philosophy, they didn’t get along at first because of their strong characters but she finally convinced him to leave the Hunters to fight the real bad guys. During the following decade, they became an infamous and ruthless pair of smugglers smuggling supplies in, out and around the Boston Quarantine Zone. They could never admit what they felt for each other because of their fear of love in this post-outbreak world. One day, the leader of the Fireflies contacted them to smuggle something special and that’s how Joel met Ellie.

Ellie, the Rebel
Ellie was born several years after the infection, all she has known from the start is only darkness. The first day of her life, her mother died and her father abandoned her. She grew up in an orphanage switching from one Quarantine Zone to another. During her childhood, she witnessed the darkest sides of human nature. She saw with her own eyes wars, slaughters and rapes. Growing up too fast, she couldn’t live as a child and was forced to become mature beyond her years. Being a lonely young girl in such a gloomy time, she knew she would have to fend for herself. What she learnt from those years is that trust is a weakness and violence is an answer. However, she has an iron will powered by the fire in her heart and her strong sense of justice in contrast to the dominating depression and injustice of her reality. Having a rebel spirit, she is stubborn, rash, brave and doesn’t care about what people think of her behavior.

Despite this cruel world, she managed to maintain a part of innocence. She secretly wants someone to trust, someone to take care of her, someone that could care about her and someone that she could care about but she knows she could not recover if she was abandoned once again so she prefers to build her wall of indifference, hiding her emotions even if her biggest fear is ending up alone.

She likes to let her mind fly away from the prison of the Quarantine Zone, imagining other adventures. She would like to be free and to discover the outside world, she dreams about what it is like and is very enthusiastic about it. It still remains hope inside herself.

At age 13, she arrived at the Boston quarantine zone and met Riley, and older teen just like her who planned to escape from there. They became really close and they got out of there together however, while outside, they got attacked by the infected. They managed to run away but got bitten by one of them. Knowing that the bite means certain death, they decided to wait together until they die but only Riley succumbed to the infection. Ellie discovered this way that she was miraculously immune still carrying a mutated form of the infection inside her. At the sight of this miracle and wanting to relieve her of survivor’s guilt of Riley, she was later brought to the leader of the Fireflies who then entrusted her to a pair of smugglers to bring her to the Fireflies Headquarters in the hope of finding a cure for the infection. That’s how the journey of Joel and Ellie began.
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